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Treatment, ITFC and Regional Center Foster Care

RCS provides Treatment and Intensive Treatment Foster Care
(ITFC) homes in Lake, Mendocino and Sonoma Counties. Our foster
parents complete an advanced certification program in an attempt
to address complex issues related to the care and supervision of
special needs children and youth. Our case managers provide
in-home support which includes family meetings, dyads
and conflict resolution. Our clinical staff provides training and
facilitates strategic and crisis meetings.
Level III and IV Services: Services provide Regional Center
consumers with a stable, consistent, qualified environment where
they receive positive support for their strengths, and nurturing care
for their needs. This program design assures on-going staff
training and professional weekly contact with foster parents so
that the needs of the children and youth in their care can be met in
a nurturing family environment as the least restrictive way to meet
their physical, mental, and emotional needs.

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