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Therapeutic Behavioral Support Services (TBS)

TBS services are used in cases where a child’s behaviors are causing the child’s placement to be at risk.

In May 2007 a TBS Treatment Team was developed to provide Therapeutic Behavioral Services to Lake, Mendocino and Sonoma Counties as part of Specialty Mental Health Services.

With TBS services a treatment plan identifies which problematic behaviors are causing the child’s placement to be at risk and gives replacement behaviors to teach the child and/or family skills to work together. Treatment plans may also identify the need to support a child moving from higher levels of care down to a lower level. The child, caregiver, referring therapist, case manager and TBS staff all give input durring review meetings and as a team are the key to success in every case. A TBS Specialist acts as a behavioral coach to hlep the child achieve and maintain his/her goals in the treatment plan wherever the services are most need (home, school and/or community).