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Mendocino House

We Are Mendocino House


Mendocino House is a nine bed, co-ed residential home in Ukiah. We work with youth ages 13-19 to assist them in obtaining independent living skills that will help them when they exit the foster care system. Some of the items we help youth with is obtaining their Certified Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, and their California Identification as well as employment skills and the list goes on. Mendocino House youth are encouraged to work putting a percentage of funds earned into a savings account to help them with money management skills. Mendocino House also participates in a therapeutic group the youth named TEAM. In this group youth work on their social and relationship building skills, create art and crafts as well as participate in outside activities.

Mendocino House does have rules and guidelines; however it is our hope to give our youth some normalcy in their lives. We encourage our youth to make decisions out in the community with the knowledge that if they stumble we are there to help them to get back on track. We participate in many wonderful outings with our youth to help model appropriate social and community skills and behavior. We work with families and our youth to develop a stronger support system for our youth as well as their families. Family and individual Therapeutic services are an important part of Mendocino House. The youth at Mendocino House earn privileges based on either their level of a Phase and Point system. Utilizing Phase or Level programs assist the youth in being accountable for their participation. The youth all participate in their future plans for discharge whether it is Family Reunification, Group or Foster Care, Transitional Housing, or AB12 Foster Care.